Redbox Reviews

Alright, so this post was actually supposed to go up quite a bit earlier, but due to problematic internet connections and various time-consuming issues it's going up now. I am beginning a series of intermittent game reviews called the Redbox Reviews. These reviews are pretty simple to understand. I'll pick a game currently available in my local Redbox, rent it, and play it as much as I am able for the one day I have it. I will return it before 9pm the next night and then I'll review as much of the game as I was able to get through. I have no intention of rushing through any of the game and I will play at my own pace, which will probably be slightly slower than an average gamer as I like to explore and take my time through each area. This may or may not factor into my review, depending on how much game I actually play. My focus will be on the gameplay itself, the narrative, and any additional modes which deserve note (such as a multiplayer deathmatch mode). I have no schedule to these reviews, but I will try to post them regularly, depending on the time I have to put towards a day spent playing and if I have the two bucks to spend that week (which I should, really, I mean, it's only $2). I hope these are enjoyable. -Strormer

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